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Rage Against Mediocrity

Entrepreneurs start with an idea no one else can see. The challenge is to take that idea and share it with the world.

Our Reflective AI™ is a SaaS-based tool that helps entrepreneurs craft their vision, tell their story, design go to market plans, define personas, and accelerate product-market-fit.

We All Want to Change the World

The mission of every entrepreneur is to change the world. And it’s the people crazy enough to think we can change the world that do.

At Curiouser.AI, we’re not only crazy enough to believe we can change the world. We’re crazy enough to believe we can help you change it, too.


Explore and identify your brand’s soul, and only then generate campaign content.


Engage and align your entire organization around a single, powerful narrative.


Catalyze human imagination and win the war against mediocrity.

Someone Had To Ride The First Horse!

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Who is Curiouser.AI for?


Startups and small businesses accelerating their product-market-fit by defining their reason for existence.


Management consultants and advertising agencies looking to develop innovative strategies and marketing.


Corporate marketing departments testing "fail fast" tactics to save time and resources.

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About us

Every entrepreneur starts their journey with an idea they believe will change the world. It’s almost always a vision only they can see.

Curiouser.AI offers a SaaS-based tool that helps entrepreneurs turn their dreams into reality by guiding them through the marketing process, from vision to product-market fit.

Our Reflective AI works like an ad agency, performing discovery, then developing strategies, concepts, content, and marketing campaigns.

Steve Jobs said that the storyteller is the most powerful person in the world. We’re a startup dedicated to helping other startups win, by taking their dream and sharing it with the world.


Our team

Vidhi Bansal Vidhi Bansal

Creative Director

Sydnie Hersh Sydnie Hersh

Chief of Staff

Natalia Hildreth Natalia Hildreth

Marketing Lead

Stephen Klein Stephen Klein

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Julie McCausland Julie McCausland

Computational Linguist

Nabeela Mobashwer Nabeela Mobashwer

Product Director

Marcel Olsder Marcel Olsder

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Manav Pandey Manav Pandey

Director of AI/ML

Sonam Pelden Sonam Pelden

Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer

Aishwarya Saran Aishwarya Saran

Senior NLP Engineer

Asti Shalymova Asti Shalymova

Front End Developer

Mishaal Shamsy Mishaal Shamsy

Product Designer UI/UX

Vera Wang Vera Wang

AI Product Scientist

"Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality"
— Lewis Carroll

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